Where in the World is The Humane Gardener?

Image of Humane Gardener book

Where in the world is The Humane Gardener? I never quite know where the book will land, as it continues on a virtual tour all its own! After I noticed readers spontaneously posting Facebook and Instagram images of The Humane Gardener in gardens and parks, I decided to share their inspiring stories of helping plants and animals in their own backyards and communities:

Goose Lake Prairie, Illinois: Lisa Sherman Spies on Nature

River Hebert, Nova Scotia: Shannon Jones Grows Organically for All

San Antonio, Texas: Angela McDermott Helps the Food-Insecure

Where will The Humane Gardener sprout next? Stay tuned! And tell me your story by posting your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag #HumaneGardener, and be sure to tag me at @humanegardener! Or send me a message:






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