Ensuring Food Security in Texas


Where in the world is The Humane Gardener? San Antonio, Texas

Who’s reading: Angela McDermott

How she helps nature: As an employee at the San Antonio Food Bank, Angela cares about the well-being of all species, noting that “insects and animals are food-insecure like members of the human community.” Planting edible native species at home helps her support wild visitors while also feeding herself and her husband. “My hobby is cooking so I’m starting to learn more about the history and flavors of Mexican cuisines and trying to grow some of the native herbs and plants from my area,” she says. “There really is an abundance when we learn to share. And when we learn we’re not the only ones who need to eat.”

How The Humane Gardener has inspired her: “Your book has helped me open up to a wider view of how to garden and see nature,” Angela says. Already wildlife-friendly and a prolific gardener, she wants to educate others about the importance of habitat elements such as tree snags and says that The Humane Gardener has helped her “better craft awareness conversations around that subject.” Find Angela on Instagram at @theflyingtangerine.

Where will The Humane Gardener sprout next? Tell us your story!

Cultivating compassion for all creatures great and small

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